be the lorax.

I've planted a very small seed...

After months of mulling over ideas and stumbling across inspiration, I have finally created my own fledgling webzine dedicated to environmental topics.

Water and sunlight are still needed, but check it out and watch it grow.


what claudia wore

Hot off the inter-web: I have a new obsession. Or rather, I've rediscovered an acceptable 20-something way to obsess about my former pre-teen obsession: The Baby-sitter's Club.

Me and the BSC go way back...and I was not just a casual user, I was hardcore. I've read Every. Single. Book. [that's 131 regular series, 12 super specials, 36 mysteries, 4 super mysteries, and a few other odds and ends]. I was so excited for the BSC movie that I wrote fan letters to every actresses in the club [and most of the them wrote back, resulting a guilty pleasure collection of autographed photos].

Why am I sharing this somewhat embarassing information? Because today I found this:

A blog dedicated to the clothing choices of BSC's most fashion forward character.

I'm in ♥.