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Steap in Tea.


Poetic Inspiration

As a poet, I find myself inspired by lyricists more often than traditional poets. There are the rare exceptions to this rule [e.e. cummings has my ♥], but for the most part, nothing gets me more jazzed up to write a rhyme than a set of well-worded song lyrics. So, as I sit in need of inspiration, I present you with my top three poetic role models:

1. Christina Aguilera. Perhaps my all time favorite, Christina's songs endlessly inspire me, particularly her 'Stripped' album. Full of heartache and emotion as well as brilliant phrasing.

Favorite Lyrics:
'I'm addicted to your allure and I'm fiending for a cure.' [Walk Away]
'My heart has been bruised. So sad, but it's true, each beat reminds me of you.' [Walk Away]
'Trying hard to fill the emptiness, the piece is gone, left the puzzle undone, ain't that the way it is?' [Beautiful]

Can't you just feel it? Brilliant.

2. Gwen Stefani. I ♥ Gwen for so many reasons: her style, her hair colors, her obsession with Asian culture, but mostly because of the raw honesty in her song writing. Her word choice and metaphors are flawless.

Favorite Lyrics:
'Take this pink ribbon off my eyes, I'm exposed and it's no big surprise.' [Just a Girl]
'I pacify problems with kisses and cuddles, diligently doubtful through all kinds of trouble, then I find myself choking on all my contradictions.' [Bathwater]
'As we die, both you and I, with my head in my hands I sit and cry.' [Don't Speak]
'I'm full of artificial sweetener, my heart's been deceitful.' [Artificial Sweetener]

[Yes, I realize this video contains none of the lyrics I've listed, but I love it for being the perfect example of Gwen's capability to write exactly what's on her mind. That, and the Alice in Wonderland theme. :)]

3. Mandy Moore. And no, I'm not talking about Candy. Her most recent album 'Wild Hope' flew way under the radar, but I think it's an absolute gem for simple yet poetic lyrics.

Favorite Lyrics
'Well I put so much thought in the getting ready, now I know that was the best part. It's so easy to get caught up in what I'm regretting, forgetting what I got from a wounded heart.' [Gardenia]
'I'll miss the version of you who loved me and all that they don't see. You said you could be good, but somehow you're guilty and you're not even sorry.' [Ladies Choice]
'Lost inside of my head, empty side of the bed, I feel misplaced without you. I keep pushing the blues 'cause I don't want to lose what I loved about you.' [All Good Things]

Honorable Mention: Eminem. Surprised? I've always loved Eminem. Though he's not on heavy rotation on my I-pod [he should be, I just haven't downloaded him], I still feel that he really is one of the best of the modern day poets. And I say that without an ounce of sarcasm.


Sex on Paper.

sexy, smart [and often humorous] finds in ad research [for class]:

And I ♥ PETA ads so these must be included:


GOOP is good.

I have a new obsession. Actually, I've been following this one for several months, but just now got around to sharing it.

It's GOOP.com. Written by Gwyneth Paltrow and scoffed at by the media, I personally adore this advice site with weekly newsletters over subjects from fashion and travel to cooking and spirituality. The site itself consists of six categories: make [recipes], go [travel], get [shopping], do [proactive lifestyle tips], be [spirituality], and see [books, art, and film]. The advice comes from Paltrow's own life experiences as well as tips from the people in her life that she admires [life coaches, film directors, fellow actresses, etc.]. Basically, it satisfies my need to be a foodie, a fashionista, a worldly traveler, and a complete person all in one url.

And speaking of fashion and Miss Paltrow, I adore her post-Iron Man style. It's a sort of sexy-dominatrix-meets-60's-sexpot: extra short skirts and super high heels [my own personal style M.O.].

[Image via fabsugar.com.]

And then there's the shirt worn as a dress for harper's bazaar last year:

[If you know me, you're quite familiar with this concept. ;)]

Now if only I could have access to Gwynnie's shoe collection as well...


Flies on Cake

Check This Out:
Miss Capps [of the cupcake photos fame] has officially entered the world of photo blogging:

Drop in
and check out shots from her past, present, and future artistic endeavors.

Everything's just Dandy.

New article on Miseducated.net.


A Pastrytale.

Once upon a time, there lived a curious cupcake princess...

...she was taken captive by an evil scientist...

...who forced her to eat cookies and cake all day long...

...jealous? ;)

The End.

High Gloss Finish

This night owl really should be in bed [especially after 72 hours of illness behind her and a morning shift ahead of her], but I just received these hot-off-the-Photoshop images from Ashley Capps, the genius behind January's cupcake shoot:

And, by far my favorite [for the old hollywood glamour look]:

More coming soon. ♥