Photo Vote.

You're invited
to help me choose my modeling portfolio.

to promote my efforts in the worlds of fashion, film, and print all under one url.
: my future dot com page.
[to be created within the next year]
Your mission
: access the photo selections here to leave your votes [in comment form] for the images that should be included.
Keep in Mind: I'm looking for the images that 'sell' me best.
[Yes, I'm a fashion whore.]
To My Photog Friends: which photos show qualities that you would look for in a model?


Wendy City said...


I will tell you my favoritos:

hand in the cookie jar - you have an interesting expression and it draws the spectator into your photo

cross legged - you look natural, happy and relaxed without overdoing it.

lady sings the blues - interesting shot and shows that you aren't afraid to get into it!

There are many great ones but those are my favorites based on your "sell you best" requirement.

And when I get home I think we should try a shoot!! ^^

Ashley said...

Well- I would love to but where do I need to find all these photos?

michelle shea said...

Ashley: Click on the link! Either on the word 'here' or on the 'you're invited' photo, both will get you there.

Wendy: Thank you, I appreciate the input greatly. And we can definitely try a shoot when you return, but unfortunately by then one of us will have to make a three hour drive either to or from Chicago. ;)

Kiley said...

There are so many! Ok...
As far as including a black and white, I like reach for the pastries and cupkcake vogue, especially the latter. There's something desperate about your expression, and you're "in" a desperate situation.

I like window light, it's got interesting angles and you seem like you're dreaming :)

Pearls and pleats shows a different, more elegant, less "punk" side of you and I really like the clean look of it.

Of course, I've always liked Lady sings the blues. Defintely include that one.

The one where your hair is long looks like you accidentally put a picture of your sister in there!

I don't like that you can't see "silver lining" very well, it's too dark, but I think it's sort of a cool idea and also valuable in that we see you in something other than short/sexy wear. It's different and stands out. Maybe lighten it up a bit on Photoshop and put it in there, too.

I like a lot of them. The ones I like least are the shoot with the white and black striped dress, but even in those there are some good shots! :)

Ashley said...

OK- well my favorite pics of you are ones where I get a sense of old Hollywood-for some reason it seems to suite you better in my opinion. Not to be a complete narcissist but the one in b&W of you under the dresser from the cupcake shoot ,in my opinion should definitely go in the portfolio it is my most favorite pic of you-and it sincerely wouldn't have mattered who took it.
I also think the one where you are in motion ,just shows this beautiful energy you bring-it is a great picture.
The ones from last year -in the black and white striped dress are all worthy of use, as well as Laurens shoot from the Vogue with you in the chair.
I also was thinking maybe throwing one with your long hair (by the tree) maybe even taking it to black and white-just to show how much your image can change.
As my brutal honesty would have it- I don't know I would use the one with the lingerie type appearal.

michelle shea said...

Ha! I actually hate that shoot with the lingerie, but felt it should be included at least for the vote for variety.

And I agree with you about the black and white, that photo's one of my absolute favorites too. So you're allowed to be narcissistic about it. ;)

Ashley said...

yaaay narcissism-o boy.