GOOP is good.

I have a new obsession. Actually, I've been following this one for several months, but just now got around to sharing it.

It's GOOP.com. Written by Gwyneth Paltrow and scoffed at by the media, I personally adore this advice site with weekly newsletters over subjects from fashion and travel to cooking and spirituality. The site itself consists of six categories: make [recipes], go [travel], get [shopping], do [proactive lifestyle tips], be [spirituality], and see [books, art, and film]. The advice comes from Paltrow's own life experiences as well as tips from the people in her life that she admires [life coaches, film directors, fellow actresses, etc.]. Basically, it satisfies my need to be a foodie, a fashionista, a worldly traveler, and a complete person all in one url.

And speaking of fashion and Miss Paltrow, I adore her post-Iron Man style. It's a sort of sexy-dominatrix-meets-60's-sexpot: extra short skirts and super high heels [my own personal style M.O.].

[Image via fabsugar.com.]

And then there's the shirt worn as a dress for harper's bazaar last year:

[If you know me, you're quite familiar with this concept. ;)]

Now if only I could have access to Gwynnie's shoe collection as well...

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Angela said...

Thanks for sharing. I am going to go look now.