High Gloss Finish

This night owl really should be in bed [especially after 72 hours of illness behind her and a morning shift ahead of her], but I just received these hot-off-the-Photoshop images from Ashley Capps, the genius behind January's cupcake shoot:

And, by far my favorite [for the old hollywood glamour look]:

More coming soon. ♥


Wendy City said...

eeeeeeeh! I love this shoot, especially the messy clutter of the 2nd one. Definitely my favorito!

Kiley said...

I like when the scale is prominent, since that's what it's supposed to be about, but I'm with Wendy - messy clutter of the first two is definitely awesome. Is there a Hostess Cupcake tree going on in those? I want to eat it.

michelle shea said...

Yes, Kiley, there is a Cupcake Tree. Miss Capps dressed the entire set herself [...and made most the food...and painted all the cupcakes with acrylic so they'd stay pretty...and tragically inedible]. But it was actually my idea to move the scale a bit more into some shots so I'm glad that you noticed it.

lauren ashley said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. fabulousness galore in front of and behind the camera. :)