bzzz-y, bzzz-y bee.

Life comes at you fast...
here are some quick updates on mine:

1. While the rest of the world takes a school break for summer vacation, my online classes are still in full swing. I've finally reached the halfway point in my year-long trek towards a digital design diploma so to commemorate I've added the amateur beginnings of a design portfolio to my flickr sets, perhaps you'll notice them fly by the sidebar slide show from time to time.

2. My newest little brain child, Be the Lorax, has admittedly been neglected over the past month. But fear not, I do have a few tiny tidbits scheduled to be posted in the next few days. Once my life in the real world settles down a bit, I'm hoping you'll be able to count on more consistent updates...just hang in there with me a bit longer.

and finally, the source of my current time shortage:

3. I'm officially moving to Chicago at the end of the month. My lease technically begins Friday, but the move is scheduled for the 29th. Why such an overlap? Because I jumped at the chance to have the cutest little apartment that my vintage-covered mind could ever dream of: 1920's building. Garden courtyards. Walk in closets.

What more could a girl ask for?


lauren ashley said...

SO exciting ... ;)

Kiley said...

I'm so excited and happy for you!