Naptown Girl in a Chitown World.

It's been just over a week and I'm in love...
in love with Chicago,
in love with the El train ride,
in love with my little home.

And since I finished hanging posters and paintings today, I figured I'd give you a glimpse into my Chitown haven:

Color-coded cinema. :) [who knew so many DVD's were white?]

Yes, those are shoes. They're not very comfortable to wear, but they make for interesting decor.

I have lots of scarves, why not make a mini curtain?

This theater shows mostly old hollywood films and new cult classics.

Notice the massive collection of vintage purses that I never wear.

My little reading/music nook. ♥

Hallway view. [Excuse the laundry.]

Walk-in closet! ;)

Tiny bathroom filled with pink.

Canvas-covered hallway.

and finally*, where I lay my head [at either end].

*There's also a kitchen at the other end of this
room, but in order to capture it's image properly I would have had to do dishes
...perhaps another day. :)


Ashley said...

awwwweeeee-I love it!!!!!!! so perfect for you, how exciting .Your new adventure is like reading a fun book.

Kiley said...

Gaw-geous, Belle! It looks adorable! Can't wait to visit you when things slow down...if they ever do with my new job! The new position might take me very close to Chicago one day, though, so that could be a possibility! Figure out how far away you are from Lake County and let me know :)