Le Love

Two things:

1. I made my first official Etsy purchase yesterday. I've been raving about this craftier alternative to ebay for about a year now, but had yet to actually create a profile or make a purchase, but I fell in love this this T-shirt by EveryLittleCounts and simply had to have it.

The quote is inspired by Dr. Zhivago and hand printed on soft cotton. A very special thanks to designer Amy, who has been patiently waiting for me to sort out some paypal/debit card issues in order to get her the payment.

2. In searching thru EveryLittleCounts blog site, I stumbled upon another love at first sight, Le Love. A romantic's dream, this blog is dedicated to found and donated photos of lovers as well as romantic quotes and graphics. So sexy. ♥


Wendy City said...

How divine is that "le love" site. I swear, you guide me in the best directions when it comes to the interweb.

This post is very appropriate for valentines day.

michelle shea said...

exactly. I'm all about the v-day this year. I think I'm a bigger fan of love when it's not me in it. is that weird?

So glad I can be your web guide-tress. :)

Kiley said...

Lol, I think people will be scared of you when you wear this. Or at least keep their children away from you :)

But I think it's clever.

michelle shea said...

yes because I, myself, already look so violent, this will just push the image over the edge. ;)

Lisa @ Serah's said...

I really like that shirt too!