Poetry in Pictures

Two quick updates:

1. Server Certification: noun.

:the immensely stressful final process of training with the Cheesecake Factory in which a trainer stalks the trainee for a day of critiquing their every move.

Ok, perhaps the above definition is a bit dramatized, but it was still a stressful morning. But I passed! One more hurdle to jump tomorrow by passing the written final and I'll officially be a Factory employee [and finally able to keep my tips].

2. Design Project: I've been hesitant to post this next design simply because it was done during the craze of training last week [and therefore not as impressive as I would have hoped]. However, it involves both my poetry and my illustrations so I feel it should at least be noted.

The assignment: three spot illustrations for a body of text. I chose my own poem.

For those of you unfamiliar with this poem, these are three stanzas taken completely out of the larger context. I hesitate to post the full version online just yet [I'm hoping to publish it as an illustrated book eventually], but if I have any requests I'll either post it or mail it to you directly.

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