valentine's veal.

I'm actually quite into Valentine's Day this year. Yes, I'm solo for the first time in years, but I think that's actually increased my pleasure. With no strain on my wallet, I'm free to enjoy the cutesy cards and pink packaging of Hallmark's favorite holiday without actually having to purchase gifts [unless, of course, they're for myself].

Tonight, I googled 'vintage valentines' in attempt to find ideas for an e-card design.

Among the rows of colorful cartoon cuddles, I found this:

Does this disturb anyone else? Perhaps it's the [almost] pescetarian in me, but I don't exactly find references to the slaughter of cute baby calves to be endearing for my valentines wishes. At first, the poet in me was frustrated that 'veal' doesn't even kind of sound like 'be,' but then realized that they were going for a rhyme for 'feel' which still makes the connection rather weak.
[Note: I do realize this image was probably created for humor, but it's just such a waste of an adorable little picture.]

These cards, however, use their cuteness to the max:

Frankly, I want this first one for my personal calling card.

And I find the extremely elaborate puns in this one both hilarious and adorable.

[Check out more like this last one here on Etsy.
Unfortunately, this particular card has been sold.]


Wendy City said...

cute! One of my favorite things to do is browse flea markets and antique stores for paper goods like this. I have a healthy supply, but these are absolutely darlinnng!

Carolyn said...

Michelle, I agree with the grossness-not-funniness of putting "veal" in the mouth of the adorable pre-slaughter calf. EW! These cards are SO cute. My grandma was a card-nut (maybe that's where I got it!) and when she passed, we found boxes and boxes of unused Christmas and birthday cards that went waaaay back to '50's, etc. So my Mom sends them out now, to not waste them! : )