Pretty in Pink [cupcakes]

Today, I passed my server test. [insert happy dance here.]

So tonight, I treated myself by purchasing Pretty in Pink on DVD.

I have a love/hate relationship with this movie. I, like most children of the 80's, am a huge fan of the Molly Ringwald/John Hughes movies [i.e. Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles] and I love this movie for the quirky characters and vintage fashion. BUT I hate the way the plot pans out. It's like a how-to for not picking the right guy.

Let's examine:

Molly's character, Andie, is caught in a love triangle between popular rich boy, Blane, and quirky best friend, Duckie. Throughout the course of the movie Blane does his share of wooing: not trying to get into her pants too soon, kissing under the stars, blah, blah, blah...but he also spends the whole central part of the film ignoring her because his friends are teasing him. He bails as her prom date and lies about his reasons all for the sake of his high school reputation. Granted, these are typical teenage boy mistakes and Blane clearly is a nice guy simply making bad decisions, but he's still an ASS.

Meanwhile, adorably awkward Duckie is COMPLETELY in love with Andie and utterly devoted [almost to the point of stalking, but still, that's devotion] and at the conclusion of the film, when Andie arrives at the prom dateless and almost chickens out on going in, he's RIGHT THERE to hold her hand, even if she did ruin that gorgeous 60's prom dress to make her shapeless burlap sack of a gown [ok, the collar and sleeves are pretty cute, but the rest is just a lost cause]. In my mind I like to imagine that the movie continues past the credits and Andie spends the next few years finding herself and then eventually returns to Duckie to live out their friendship forever in holy matrimony.
The End.*

But still, I love this movie.

And someday I'll find a Duckie of my very own.

In other news, Ms. Capps sent me a few cupcake shots via snail mail that arrived today:

I ♥ the skirt in this shot.
Ashley made it herself the night before the shoot.
[She's an absolute Superwoman.]
I'm still trying to convince her to let me have it.
And yes, I'd wear it out in public. Often.

But this last shot is actually my favorite of the three:

It looks like a scene out of a silent film so I feel like I look totally in my element. ♥

*As I wrote this blog, watching the special features on my Pretty in Pink DVD, I found a feature that explains that, in the original ending of the movie, Andie and Duckie DO end up together. However, the chemistry between Molly and Jon Cryer simply didn't leave the audience feeling sparks so the ending was re-shot. Clearly, I should have played Andie.


Every Little Counts said...

I completely agree with your Pretty in Pink criticism! It always bothered me at the end when Blane says, "I always believed in you, but you didn't believe in me". Not true Blane! If he did, would he have chosen his friends over her? My hear always belonged to Duckie. And his Otis Reading rendition is one of my favorite moments in film. Oh Duckie...

michelle shea said...

Exactly! Now that I know it was an add-on/re-shoot ending it totally makes random lines like that make sense [not within the movie, but they make sense as to why they don't make sense, because it was a last minute re-write]. Oh well, that just leaves guys like Duckie for smarter girls like us. :)