sweet like sugar, salty like soy.

First, another adorable Etsy find: CozyMoments bath goodies.
My favorite? The buttercream scented cupcake soap.

I haven't tried it yet, but it just might be my next Etsy order.

Up next: two design projects.

The first is a mock up for a GoVeg.com infographic ad.
[Can you tell I got to pick the subject matter?] I'm actually pretty proud of my little concept. And pretty impressed with my pen tool progress as well.

And, of course, there's Apple #5, or rather 'Apple: submerged'.

I included pink in the design in honor of it being due on Valentine's Day.

And speaking of Valentine's Day, mine was spent with sushi, sweets, and sugary cinema.

Lauren and I spent the evening watching chick flicks in front of a platter of delicious sushi rolls and followed it up with wine, cupcakes and spiked hot cocoa [though not in that order].

Stay tuned later this week for one of the best Etsy finds yet...it's a surprise that's very near and dear to my ♥. ;)


Kiley said...

I love you submerged apple. But, I don't understand how not eating cows helps to feed people, but the pen work is really good - you've far surpassed my illustrating abilities, although I have none at all, but yours are still really good!

michelle shea said...

the food that goes to feed cows could feed 8.7 billion people. was that not clear?

lauren ashley said...

your above comments make me chuckle, you two. ;)

::sigh:: what a wonnnnderfully tasty+lovely evening it was!! minus the podunk creepos we encountered on our beer run, hehe.

Kiley said...

Hmmm, ok that makes sense now that you explain it. I guess it was just sort of convoluted? Could you just say that instead, "the food that goes to feed cows could feed 8.7 billion people" or something simple like that? Well, this was probably already due anyways. But it's really impressive drawing!