apples and...lemons?

Today at lunch I made an amazing food discovery. I wanted pasta, but as I boiled the last of my spaghetti, I opened the fridge to find that my canned pasta sauce [chunky garden vegetable...it's amazing] had about a tablespoon left in the jar. Perhaps this is enough sauce for some people, but I prefer my pasta coated in tomato sauce. So I improvised: a little sauce and a little butter...good, but still missing something. So I glance in my fridge and notice the lemon half left over from my salad. The idea of putting lemon juice on my pasta sounded counter-intuitive [like the blueberry puppy chow], but I went for it anyway. And guess what: it was AMAZING. As a matter of fact, I might start doing pasta, olive oil, and lemon juice as a normal meal. Maybe topped with a little cheese. Yum.

In other news, online classes have started back up. This session: Digital Illustration. I am in desperate need of this subject since I am CLUELESS when it comes to anything more than basic shapes and gradient effects in Adobe Illustrator.

There's one particular assignment for this class that I actually find quite fascinating: each week we are required to create an apple and each week it must be a completely different apple. I love this idea, not just for the challenge, but also because I know my own designs will be changing both in skill use and in creativity from week to week and I'm anxious to see that development. So, as a total amateur, here's my first apple:

This probably looks really basic to most of you, but I was ecstatic to teach myself both the warp and the fill tool [two foreign concepts to me before last night].

Stay tuned for future adventures in apples and entrees by yours truly.

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