heart of glass

So I'm working on composing an article on environmentally friendly valentine's day gifts [hopefully I'll finish it up tomorrow]. Anyway, this evening as I googled for eco-fabulous gift ideas, I stumbled across a find that might force me to make room in my cabinets for more glassware.

The Green Glass Company not only recycles wine, beer, and soda bottles to make their products, but they also use environmentally friendly production and shipping methods to produce their oh-so-adorable cups and goblets.

My favorite: the multilingual 'protect our Earth' goblet.

Another favorite find: [given my fetish for all things bluebird] this baby bird ring made from recycled silver.

And my last love would be perfect for V-day cards: I Wheelie Like You Cards printed on cotton rather than paper.


Wendy City said...

okay, so all of these are insanely adorable. i wheelie want them all!

michelle shea said...

I know, right? If only I'd thought of this at Christmas perhaps they would have been gifted to me. :)

Kiley said...

Adorable. LOVE the goblet. And the word goblet. And the script and leaves running around the goblet.

There you go again, hinting about for presents.