Resolutions for 2009.

♥ write something every day.
[journal entries. blogs. articles. poems.]

♥ publish a poem.
[via magazine or book. doesn't matter which.]

♥ do another movie.

♥ volunteer at something I care about.
[art. theatre. animal rights. environmental issues.]

♥ travel someplace new.
[two years ago was Toronto. last year was Australia. this year...]

♥ learn something new.
[digital design. another language.]


Wendy City said...

love the new blog! :)

michelle shea said...

thanks! I was actually pretty inspired by chicas like you and amber who kind of pull it all together in one place. I figured with my job search begining it would be good to try and have something to point to that says 'this is what I do.'

lauren ashley said...

the background is really cute! this is all fab, dahling! good luck w/ those resolutions! ;)

Kiley said...

I love the header design! :)

michelle shea said...

I did it myself!!! :)
Thank you, Art Institute training. I now know how to open photoshop and do the basic tasks that most college graduates already know how to do. But it still excites me. :)

luna said...

Very coool- I was a bit inspired at not only your desire to really focus on what you want to do, but also something as simple as your blogging-and am really wanting to play copycat
-in adoration ofcourse(the sweetest kind),follow in ur teeny footsteps and create my own.Cant wait to see what you'll get into this year,the floor is all yours dear.xo.