piece of [cheese]cake.

Some quick updates before dreaming:

1. Job search: I have my third and final interview at The Cheesecake Factory tomorrow. If I don't have the job after it's done, I must have taken off my clothing and asked the man to help me find my spaceship during the interview. Ok, not really. But seriously, if I've made it this far don't you think I deserve the job?

Note: some of you may be thinking 'The Cheesecake Factory?!? I thought you quit your last job to find something more inspiring.' But here's the thought: waiting tables will [ideally] get me more money in less hours, therefore freeing up more time for me to pursue other interests.

2. Speaking of other interests: I wrote another article Tuesday [see sidebar]. Working half days this week has allowed not only the time to write, but [more importantly] the time to find the inspiration to write. This week's inspiration came while watching the presidential inauguration. Words cannot express the amount of inspiration and hope I get from watching our new president in action so I won't even try. See my previous entry.

3. And finally: another apple.

Is it sad that this progress excites me?
I guess you have to start somewhere.

Stay tuned
next week for info on my celebratory last day at Reeves and [hopefully] my first day at the new job.


Mergedza said...

Good luck, lovely! :) Save me some cheesecake? I need to look at all the WUNT articles that have been placed since I've been in Bangkok - I'm eager to read yours! :D

Wendy City said...

okay...so that was Wendy. I'm at a hostel and someone else was logged in before me - eeps!!


michelle shea said...

Ha! I figured it was you with the mention of Bangkok. I can't believe you're actually online at a hostel. All the ones I've been to have been crazy trying to get computer time and even then all I'd want to make time for was email checks. So very cool that I now have a Krung Thep flag on my traffic feed though. ;)

michelle shea said...

Or rather, a Thailand flag. Wasn't thinking. :)