blueberry and peanut butter don't mix.

So tonight's kitchen creativity has left me a bit nauseous. Frankly, it didn't even sound like a good idea. Point: when I told my sister what I was making she said 'that sounds disgusting.'

See, I was craving puppy chow [the dessert, not the dog food], but the only cereal in my cabinet was a box of blueberry frosted mini wheats. [do you see where this is going?] Somehow I thought that the chocolate and peanut butter might cover the blueberry flavor...I was wrong. Ironically, I'm pretty sure regular mini wheats would have worked. It was only the slight after taste of blueberry that turned my stomach.

In other food news, I took stock of my supply tonight in an attempt to accurately plan out future dinner adventures. I found stuff in my cabinets that I didn't even know I had [I'm a short girl and the cabinets are high]. Sadly, the entire contents of my kitchen [minus the fridge] fits on the top of my coffee table:

There's also a dwindling supply of produce in my fridge that I need to eat before it goes bad. I stocked up for my juice fast at the start of the year and there's a bit left over. Tonight's dinner [unlike dessert] was quite delicious: spinach salad with red pepper, red onion, and mushroom burger crumbles topped with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Yum. Unfortunately that was the last of my baby spinach so I'll have to find the green for my meals elsewhere from here on out.

Job countdown: 7 more working days at Reeves. Next friday can't get here soon enough.


Wendy City said...

Your salad sounds yums and I'd go for the blueberry puppy chow... :P

michelle shea said...

the salad was absolutley fabulous. it's one of the items that I start in on and then eat at every meal for a week. and so healthy too.

the puppy chow is actually still in my fridge. I take pieces of it ever so often, but have to stop if I get a mini wheat that isn't completely covered in chocolate. I like blueberry, but it's a weird artificial blueberry flavor that really doesn't even taste good on it's own, let alone mixed with peanut butter and chocolate.

Kiley said...

My favorite part: "I was craving puppy chow but the only cereal in my cabinet was a box of blueberry frosted mini wheats. [do you see where this is going?]"

Oh yeah. We saw where it was going.


michelle shea said...

actually, you kind of get used to it. I'm eating it right now.

I won't be making again once I have access to Chex, but I'll probably polish off this batch.

...this makes me weird, doesn't it?