cheesecake tastings and cupcake shoots.

This weekend was an absolute blur.

1. Friday night involved a celebratory dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with my favorite girls. Originally, the dinner was planned to celebrate the end of my job at Reeves, how fitting that it also became a celebration of my being hired on as a Factory server that same afternoon.
The Food: delicious. The Server: flawless. My Company: priceless.

2. Saturday marked day two of my nanny/maid adventures. I really enjoy my job, but I became distraught when my cell phone was submerged in the toilet while I cleaned. [Shallow pockets + lots of movement = unfortunate accidents.] It's been temporary replaced with a spare from my mother, but I'm still praying for a drying out of my beloved original.

3. Sunday began my Factory training: 8 am. Not a bad morning, especially when it ends with a tasting of up to 20 items from the menu, cheesecakes included. At the end of the 5 hours, we were all out like a shot to frantically locate white pants and white shoes in the middle of winter. Personally, I had an even tighter time limit considering that I had to be up in Noblesville by 2 pm.

Why you ask?

4. For a cupcake-covered photo shoot, of course. I'd made shoot arrangements with creative visionary Ashley Capps weeks before and had to push back our start time due to training. The concept: rather secret, but I can tell you it involved crazy vintage costumes and a set covered in cupcakes and candy. It'll be a few months before I have any official images [Ms. Capps is having some computer issues], but I had her take a shot with my personal camera. Here's a taste:


Wendy City said...

Can't wait to see the photos, and again - congrats on the job! I miss the Cheesecake Factory! Which one will you be working at?

lefairechic said...

i am SOOO HAPPY for you with both of those new jobbys!! can't wait to hear more of your Factory Girl trainings, heh. i am seriously jealous of your tastings buuut ... i consume enough junk as/is. ;)
your shoots sounds rrrrrrrrad!
can't wait to see the official pictas!

michelle shea said...

Wendy- I'm working at the new one [or rather the one that opened last year, southside].

Lauren- it actually gets a bit daunting to taste that sixth piece of cheesecake in a row. but still delicious. :)